Who am I?

I am a mother, partner, sister, daughter, teacher, student, yogi, artist, craftswoman, activist, tree hugger, crocheter, child at heart... and so much more.

My name is Theresa Edwards and I would love to support you in any way that I can through aromatherapy and essential oil education. I am a Registered Aromatherapist and Certified Yoga Teacher on a mission to help others and our planet. 1% of our annual sales will be donated to an organization committed to the sustainability of plant medicine. This includes reforestation efforts and the protection of endangered plant species.

I also have a two year old baby boy who means the world to me. He is the reason that I do what I do. I want to give him the skills to follow his heart and his path while being conscious of the needs of others and of our planet.

Please reach out and contact me today with any questions you may have.


"Plant medicine does not just improve symptoms; it approaches healing the whole of the body - as opposed to Western medicine, which may just approach the symptom.”

- Karen Rose